Automatic-Plant for Anodising and Plating of Aluminium

Project description

Fully automated system for aluminium treatment

  •  Line set-up in 2 lines
  • 74 processing positions, incl. 12 storage positions
  • 3 hoists and 2 crosstransfers  Drip tray on hoists
  • 2 load/unload stations for racks
  • Pivot mounting for clyndirc parts
  • 1 rack dryer
  • Electronic rectifiers
  • Special contact support for efficient transfer of electric current
  • Frequency converter & positional control variable drive, lift and brake speeds

Control system features

  • Based on Allen Bradley PLC
  • Fully automatic control system
  • Emergency control system in case of PLC failure
  • Hand-held remote module allows manual control of each hoist without interrupting scheduled processes
  • Quality control and hand-maneuvering, rising and air cleaning of blind holes can be made during automatic processing
  • Dip sequences freely programmable
  • On-screen information re production and plant operation
  • Data Base, SPC charts, production records and error logs can be printed, stored on disk or transferred to the client network
  • Support by modem

Key data

space requirements

34 x 11 x 5,5 Meter

construction year


inner dimensions (rinsing-tank)

500 x 2500 x 1350 mm