Semi automatic Plating-line for aluminium treatment

Project description

Anodizing line for rack goods

  • Line set up: 1 line
  • 21 processing positions, incl. 3 storage positions
  • 2 load/unload sites for conveyor carts
  • 1 hoist equipped with integrated exhaust system
  • 8 double work rods
  • work baths with automatic airtight lids to reduce heating energy and exhaust air quantity
  • 2 anodizing baths equipped with electronic rectifiers 25V, 2000A
  • Cooling machine for max. 4 anodizing baths
  • Water heater 4000lt to fill the 3 sealing baths
  • Circulating air-dryer (changeable to Air-Jet)
  • Line extendable with additional hoist, ano- dizing and sealing bath
  • Frequency converter & positional control for variable drive-, lift- and break speeds

Control system features

  • Based on Allen Bradley PLC
  • Automatic control system of baths, lids and exhaust air flaps
  • Hoist lift and drive positioned only while teach pad is actuated
  • On-screen information re production and plant operation
  • Additional PC with production records and statistics
  • Integrated control system of hand operated anodizing line
  • Support via modem

Key data

spae requirements

43 x3,5 x 6,5 Meter

construction year


inner dimensions (rinsing-tank)

1200x 2200 x 1400 mm


alumex ag

Clientalumex ag