Anodizing- & colouring-line

Project descrition

Anodizing- & colouring-line                                                              Fully automated line for aluminium


  • Line set-up: 1 line in the tightest of spaces (room height & length)
  • Total 19 stations with 2 anodizing, 1 hard anodizing and 3 colouring
  • Hoist equipped with integrated exhaust system and viewing window for colour control
  • Collision protection with security bar
  • Loading/unloading station and test station each as cross transfer for exit from the plant
  • work bath with automatic airtight lids to reduce heating energy and exhaust air quantity
  • Hot sealing as triple bath but sealing nickel can be heated autarkically
  • Frequency converter for variable drive, lift and brake speeds
  • Electronic rectifiers


Control system features

  • Based on Allen Bradley PLC
  • Fully automatic control system (64bit)
  • Emergency control system in case of PLC failure
  • Energy optimisation during heating up
  • The hoist can be controlled by a remote control during automatic operation without losing the actual programming
  • Dip sequences freely programmable
  • Customer-specific logging and statistics with interfaces to the EDV network
  • Colour intensity resp. bath time can be changed via the remote control
  • Coating thickness measurement after 80% of the anodizing time with decision possibility
  • Support via modemBasierend auf Allen Bradley SPS

Key data


14 x 7 x  3.1 meter

Construction year


Rinse tank

490 x 2000 x 955 mm


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Stalder AG

ClientStalder AG
ProjectAnodisier- & Färbeautomat