Electropolishing Line

Project description

Electropolishing line

  • Line set-up 2 Lines
  • 1 Circulating-air dryer
  • Pretreatment with ultrasonic system
  • Electronic rectifiers
  • 14 flightbars
  • 1 load/unload station for rack goods with 7 slide-in trays
  • 2 hoists with drip tray and exhaust system
  • 31 processing positions, incl. 10 storage positions
  • Cross transfer dry / cross transfer wet
  • agitation on electropolishing tank
  • Pickling and electropolishing tank with supplementary cathode
  • Frequency converters for variable drive, lift and agitation
  • Hoist positioning in the direction of travel by laser measurement
  • Economical water system „rinse when necessary“
  • 5 lifting stations for waste water
  • Special contact support for efficient transfer of direct current
  • Safety start-up protection on hoists with surface laser
  • Work tanks with automatic norm lids to reduce heating energy and exhaust air quantity

Control system features

  • Based on Siemens S7 PLC
  • System supervised by radio remote control
  • Dip sequences freely programmable
  • Hand-held remote module allows manual control of each hoist without interrupting scheduled processes
  • Article specified control of ultrasonic system and dipping of goods
  • On-screen information re production and plant operation
  • Support via modem

Key data

space reqirements

12 x 7,6 x 4,9 Meter

Construction year


inside dimensions (rinsing tank)

550 x 1300 x 1150 mm


3,3 min