Nickel-Line for stainless steel mesh

Project description

Nickel line for stainless steel mesh

  • Flow construction line for stainless steel mesh over 1 m width
  •  Mesh treatment in processing baths
  • Level 2: Reservoir tanks for active- and rinse baths
  • Level 1: Resevoir tank for piling and regenerating and for nickel
  • Running-in part: Unrolling device for mesh and foil, squeegee with web tension control, optical control section with exposure to light for the front and back side of the mesh, storage of mesh with web tension control, 1 degreasing bath, 4 active baths, intermediate drive with squeegee to set-point track speed control, 4 nickel baths, 4 rinse baths, drying
  • Running-out part: Cutting and storage of mesh and squeegee with web tension control and roll-up device
  • squeezer to set-point track speed control
  • Web tension control adjustable
  • Electronic watercooled rectifiers for galvanic nickel cells with start control system for conductive coating build-up

Control system features

  • Based on Mitsubishi PLC
  • Control system with several synchronic touch screens
  • Squeezer to set-point track speed by servo motors for pre- and after treatment
  • There are lifts for lowering entire nickel tanks for maintaining the anodes outside the line
  • Storage of mesh for continual processing when changing rolls of mesh
  • Treatment of rinse water and chemicals in lower tank

Key data

space reqirements

30 x 5 x 6 Meter

construction year



Gallus Ferd. Rüesch AG

ClientGallus Ferd. Rüesch AG
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