Special barrel blackening line

Project description

Special barrel blackening line

Fully automatic line for steel burnishing

  • Line set-up: 1 line
  • 30 processing positions , incl. 6 storage positions
  • 1 hoist with drip tray and exhaust system
  • Collision protection with security bar
  • Mechanical adjustable load/unload station for special barrels
  • Hoist positioning in the direction of travel by laser
  • 1 barrel dryer with dehumidifying system
  • Frequency converter for variable drive, lift and brake speed
  • 4 special barrel flight-bars
  • Barrel rotary-speed freely selectable on the dryer
  • processing positions with automated covers
  • Pressure spray rinse with covers
  • Blackening tank made from steel
  • Multipart drip pan with leakage-control

Control system features

  • Based on Allen Bradley PLC
  • Fully automatic control system (64bit)
  • Emergency control system in case of PLC failure
  • The hoist can be controlled by a remote control during automatic operation without losing the actual programming
  • Dip sequences freely programmable
  • On-screen information for production and plant operation
  • Database, SPC charts, production records and error logs can be printed, stored on disk or transferred to the client network
  • Support via modem
  • Goods check-in via barcode reader

Key data


32,0 x 3,1 x 4,5 meters

Construction year


Rinse bath (inner dimensions)

750 x 1300 x 970 mm


27 min