Plating-Line (barrel/rack) Rebuilding

Project description

Rebuilding in 3 stages under production

  • Line set-up in 5 lines incl. 120 processing positions
  • 1 storage line incl. 40 positions
  • 2 barrel dryers
  • 1 air-jet-dryer
  • 18 hoists with drip trays
  • 4 cross transfers
  • 3 load/unload stations
  • 62 barrel/rack flightbars
  • Protective grid and safety doors
  • Nickel control unit
  • pH-measuring station
  • Conductivity measurement
  • Dummy plating during Ni process
  • Universal contruction of tank
  • Economical water system „rinse when necessary“ with controlled amount of overflow during change of barrel/rack
  • Special contact support for efficient transfer of direct current

Control system features

  • System supervised by radio remote control
  • Dip sequences freely programmable
  • On-screen information re production and plant operation
  • Goods checked-in via bar codes
  • Processing data and parameter
  • Support via modem
  • Hand-held remote module allwos manual control of each hoist without interrupting scheduled processes
  • Article specified control of ultrasonic system and dipping of goods
  • Handling of many different plating processes at the same time

Key data

space requirements

23x 13 x 5,2 Meter

construction year


inside dimensions (rinsing tank)

350 x 960 x 1200 mm


Collini AG Dübendorf

ClientCollini AG Dübendorf
ProjectTrommel-Gestellautomat Umbau
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