Automatic printed circuit board line for basket plating (ENIG/ENEPIG)

Project descrition

Automatic printed circuit board line
for basket plating (ENIG/ENEPIG)

  • Line set-up: 1 line
  • 29 processing positions, incl. 3 storage
  • Expandable with 6 stations
  • 2 side arm hoists with space-saving drip tray
  • 2 electroless nickel tanks with each 1 working position
  • 1 electroless palladium tank, indirectly heated
  • 1 electroless gold tank
  • 1 load/unload station
  • Hoist positioning in the direction of travel by laser measurement
  • „Knocking“ of flight-bars
  • 2 goods agitations with adjustable variable speed
  • Chemical dosing regulated by digital flow meter (electroless nickel)
  • Semiautomatic cleaning and make up of the nickel tanks
  • Preparation tank for etching solution (microetch)



Control system features

  • Based on Siemens S7 PLC
  • Fully automatic control system
  • System supervised by radio remote control
  • Dip sequences freely programmable
  • Colour-on-screen information re production and plant operation
  • Recording of statistical data
  • Support via remote maintenance
  • Special visualization for the cleaning steps of the electroless nickel tanks

Key data


20x 3.7 x  3.2 meter

Construction year


Rinse tank

320 x 890 x 790 mm


Cycle time 30 min


ProjectAutomatische Leiterplattenanlage für Korbtechnik (ENIG/ENEPIG)