automatic plating-line PCB manufacturing (Pattern-Plating)

Project description

Fully automatic line for production of printed circuit boards (pattern-plating)

  • Semi-automatic load/unload station with swivel table
  • 1 circulating air dryer with 3 working positions
  • 9 copper stations
  • 55 positions, incl. 17 storage positions
  • 16 vibratory flightbars
  • Electronic water-cooled pulse-reverse/ and DC-rectifiers
  • Integrated metal stripping station
  • Registering a job with or without goods movement
  • Pumps are equipped with digital flowmeters
  • 2 hoists with enclosure and drip tray and integrated catwalk
  • Hoist positioning in the direction of travel by laser measurement
  • Fixing of the hoists on the transport-system with a throwing-off safeguard
  • Automatic dissolving station for copper oxide
  • Copper via filling tank with horizontal movable nozzle register for electrolytic upstream flow on printed circuit boards
  • Last generation of insoluble anodes in all copper plating tanks
  • Process: Electrolytic copper with via filling and electrolytic tin

Control system features

  • Based on Siemens S7 PLC
  • Fully automatic control system „flexible“ or „clock-controlled“
  • System supervised by radio remote control
  • Fully automated reading of the PCB-Codes with a scanner in the storage area
  • Dip sequences freely programmable
  • Operation control of the vibratory- flightbars (power and number of ramps)
  • Colour-on-screen information re production and plant operation
  • Support via modem
  • Special on-screen visualization of the copper solving station
  • End of work program (unloading of the plant)
  • With “line-stop” for short-term maintenance tasks, critical positions are automatically emptied

Key data

space requirements

30,6 x 4,3 x 5,7 meter

construction year


inside dimensions ( rinsing-tank)

210 x 3200 x 900 mm


cycle time 13,2 min → 7,7 m²/h

ProjectVollautomatische Anlage für die Herstellung von Leiterplatten (Leiterbildaufbau))