Hand operated electroless Nickel-Line

Project description

  • Line set-up: 3 lines
  • 89 positions incl. 9 storage positions
  • 1 cross transfer dry, 1 cross transfer wet
  • 3 hoists of which 1x with exhaust-hood, cant of the flightbars
  • 3 load/unload stations for barrels and racks
  • Exhaust-air savings with special (energy saving) tank-covers with automated exhaust regulation
  • Barrel-rotating: speed and direction free selectable, barrel rotating programs (interval selectable)
  • Special rotating racks
  • Bath-loading under current
  • Automated tank cleaning processes
  • Integrated high-pressure cleaning station for flightbars
  • Structure/gratings drivable with 1.5 tons
  • Several electroless Nickel composit-processes

Control system features

  • Based on Siemens S7 SPS
  • Semi-automated, selectable processes
  • Logging with statistical analysis of process data (QS)
  • Automation of stroke and driving
  • Position control system
  • Semi-automated coating thickness adjustment by plunger examination
  • On-screen information for production and plant operation data
  • Customer specific logging of statistical data and interface to customers IT-System
  • Support via modem

Key data

space reqirements

24 x 7 x 6 meter

construction year


inside dimensions (rinsing tank)

600 x 1000 x 1100 mm